Frequently asked questions

What size groups can you take?

Our bus is filled from multiple bookings until we reach a total of 13 people. This keeps our tours small and boutique.

A tour will operate with a minimum of 2 people. If there are only 2 seats booked, that’s awesome – you get a private and really boutique tour.

If you would like a completely private tour for 2, please contact us as additional charges will apply.

Can you pick me up from Sydney?

No, we do not offer transfers to Sydney.
However Sydney customers can catch a train to Maitland and we will pick up and drop off at the train station.

If I drive in to meet the tour, will I be able to drive at the end of the day?

We don’t recommend that you drink and drive.

Does the weather affect the tour?

Our tours run year round and are not affected by weather.

What drinks are included on the tour?

All wine tasting at the wineries are included. Tour lunch includes a glass of wine, beer or softdrink.

Can I bring my child?

No. Wineries are licensed venues and really not ideal places to bring your children. Should you have no choice but to bring your children along, we will take children if you book a private tour.

Can I bring my dog?


Is there room on the bus to store any wine that I buy?

Yes, when you purchase your wine we will label your wine with your name and we will store it safely in the bus for you.

How will I get my wine home?

We will store your wine for you safely in the bus and then return it to you when we drop you off at your accommodation. Most wineries will also ship your wine for you direct from their cellar door if you need to.

Which wineries do we visit?

There is no set schedule of wineries. Our tour guides will take advantage of the best winery experiences available on that day, including special events, to make sure you get the most value from your itinerary, have an enjoyable day and maximise your taste time of the Hunter Valley.

Can we pick the wineries?

If you are sharing the vehicle with others, we will take responsibility for planning the best tour day possible for the entire group. If your group occupies the whole vehicle, we are happy to take you to the wineries of your choice, as long as those wineries permit us to visit that day. Any tasting fees charged by wineries that you choose are not included in the cost of the tour.

How do you determine which wineries are best for my group?

Because we know the area and try to take you to wineries where you will receive a better experience going with us then if you went on your own. We choose wineries that are:
– Boutique,
– Have excellent wines,
– Warm & friendly service,
– Perks available (cellar tours, barrel-tasting, wine-maker available, etc.)

What type of lunch is included with the tours?

We have an awesome menu to choose from that includes Vegetarian and Gluten free options.

Is there enough food served with lunch?

Our lunch venue is renowned for there large portions.

Do I have to purchase wine at the wineries?

No you don’t, however they are showing you their product and giving you an hour of their time. It is considered “Etiquette” to make a purchase at each winery. Please note that we do not receive a commission or bonus from the wineries that we take you to, and they do not receive money from the cost of your tour.