Hunter Valley Semilion

When you think about the Hunter Valley, the first thing that should come to mind is Semillon.

I love my Reds, but you can’t do wine tasting in the Hunter Valley without falling in love with the Semillon. Let’s face it. We are credited with producing the best Semillons’ in the world.

Every time I visit a Hunter Valley cellar door, I expect to walk out with Red Wine and almost every time I walk out with Semillon.

What makes it so special?

Hunter Semillons’ are picked quite early, with a low Baume. Eat the grapes during vintage and you will taste a beautiful sweet grape. Continue to eat the grapes and you will start to salivate after you swallow. This is due to the high levels of acid in the fruit. You may be easily  tempted to eat the whole bunch. If you do, that high level of acid will give you a pretty solid belly ache. It’s this acid that is credited with making our Semillons’ so good.  When young, they are almost so clear to look at so light in body that they could almost be confused with water in appearance. Beautiful citrus flavours and a crisp acidic finish best describe the taste.

Food pairing

A young Semillon pairs beautifully with seafood. I love it poured straight over oysters in their shell. Pair the wine with fish and chips. The citrus pairs perfectly with the fish and the crisp acidic finish works as a palate cleanser to strip the fats away. Served icy cold on a hot day it’s the most refreshing drink in the valley.

What makes Hunter Valley Semillon distinctive?

As our Semillon’s’ age, they start to take on a unique characteristic. If you have the self control leave it in the bottle for 6 or so years. It will start to taste as though it’s been stored in an oak barrel instead of a glass bottle. It will start to develop the distinct smell and taste of a wine that has been aged in oak. Above this the citrus and acid drop away, and the wine develops a “Toasty, nutty even Honey: characteristic.” The Hunter Valley has the only Semillon in the world that does this. If you were to take a cutting from our vines or transplant them, anywhere else in Australia or the world, this would not happen.

The Hunter Valleys gift to the world is our Semillon, but what makes it distinctive is an aged Hunter Valley Semillon.

Next time you do a Wine Tour in the Hunter Valley – consider the Semillon.