Wine D Road Tours – What’s in a name?

So, I decided to take the plunge and start a Wine tour business in the Hunter Valley. I’d done my research and knew how I wanted the business to run and I knew the audience that I was trying to target. I knew my product but what I needed was a name for the business.

“Think Dan” – you’ve done a lot of travel and been on tours in many countries – “What were some of the names of the tour companies that you’ve been on tours with”? I thought and thought and thought and then I realised that I couldn’t remember any of them. If I was going to name a tour company, it had to be a name that people would never forget. I started trying to find some names. Hunter Valley Wine Tours, Hunter Valley Vineyard Tours, Best Hunter Valley Wine Tours, The Hunter Wine Hunter… I started Googling and I realised that none of these names stood out from the crowd. The names were so common that they were forgettable. Yeah, they might get a few google hits but I wanted people to remember the name of the company that took them on a Wine tour of the Hunter Valley. I wanted referral business as well and I couldn’t get that if people couldn’t remember the name.

I thought about our beautiful romantic Hunter Valley guest houses ( and  about how they were located on a windy road. Surely there was a play on that… Windy. Problem with that word was that it had two meanings and two ways of being pronounced. I needed an association with wine not wind. Then it came to me. Wine D Road Tours. The D could even stand for Dan.

Here’s hoping that the next time someone asks you the name of the company that took you on an amazing Hunter Valley Wine Tour that you remember the name – Wine D Road Tours.